Sale Spotlight: Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is here! See how we got 15 products for only $65 during our shopping haul, and get tips on how to shop the sale like a pro.

By: Niki | December 30, 2016

If you’re anything like us, there are two times a year when you’re anxiously counting down the days until you can shop the semi-annual sales at your favorite stores. This week the much awaited Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works kicked off, so we obviously had to make a visit (and do a complete haul of all our favorite products that are on sale!).

There is nothing more exciting than stocking up on all your favorite scents, filling your drawers to the brim, and realizing how much money you saved! We wanted to share in the excitement, so today we are sharing everything we got at the semi-annual sale, along with how much we spent (and saved!), and a few tips to help you shop the sale like a pro!

Scroll on for some serious savings…

The semi-annual sale is the perfect time to stock up on hand soaps because they’re all on sale for $3 (yes, you read that right!).

How we saved:

Hand soap = $3 (regularly $6.50)

Sale price for 5 soaps = $15 (regularly $32.50)

Savings = $17.50

Cocktail Dress is one of our favorite specialty scents, and lucky for us, it was on sale too! We were sure to grab the whole set – fragrance mist, shower gel, and body lotion.

How we saved:

Cocktail Dress shower gel = $6.25 (regularly $12.50)

Cocktail Dress body lotion = $6.25 (regularly $12.50)

Cocktail Dress fragrance mist = $7.00 (regularly $14)

Savings = $19.50

Just because the holidays are over does not mean our obsession for holiday scents is… We had to stock up on two of our seasonal favorites – Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel!

How we saved:

Vanilla Bean Noel shower gel = $3.00 (regularly $12.50)

Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion = $3.00 (regularly $12.50)

Vanilla Bean Noel fragrance mist = $3.50 (regularly $14.00)

Twisted Peppermint shower gel = $3.00 (regularly $12.50)

Twisted Peppermint body cream = $3.25 (regularly $13.00)

Twisted Peppermint fragrance mist = $3.50 (regularly $14.00)

Savings = $59.25

Last, but definitely not least, if there is a time to grab one (or a couple) of your favorite 3-wick candles, it’s now! Nearly all of the popular scents are 50% off during the sale.

How we saved:

Sweater Weather candle= $11.25 (regularly $22.50)

Savings = $11.25


If you’re adding all that up, that is a savings of $107.50! Getting excited? Here are some of the highlights of the sale:

  • Up to 75% off signature body care
  • $3 hand soaps
  • $3 wallflower fragrance refills (select scents)
  • 50% off select 3-wick candles
  • $4 (and up) retired fragrances

Before you go, here are a few tips for shopping Semi-Annual Sales like a pro:

  • Shop early! A lot of times, items go extremely fast (especially popular scents!). Shop the sale early so you can make sure to snag your favorite items.
  • Don’t let go. If you’re contemplating on an item, grab it and put it in your bag while you decide. With so many people shopping, it may end up flying off the shelf before you get a chance to go back and grab it.
  • Know your discounts. With so much product and so many items on sale, it’s important to read signs carefully to lessen confusion once you reach the counter. A lot of times, some discounts apply to only select products.
  • Check back! Bath & Body Works is continuously stocking items, which means that that scent that disappeared from your eyes, may be back in stock the next day or even within a few hours.

Happy shopping!


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