A $3 Fix to Take Shoes from Drab to Fab

We’re answering all your questions about those jaw-dropping pink pumps from our Valentine’s Day campaign, and how you can get them… Take a look!

By: Niki | January 30, 2018

As soon as we snapped the shot of those pretty pink pumps from our Valentine’s Day Campaign, we knew we were going to get questions about where our customers could get them for themselves! Later, we realized that our little DIY fashion fix would be a great way to show all of you how to take a pair of $25 shoes from drab to fab for only $3. Here’s what you’ll need…

  • A pair of ankle strap heels (ours were from Forever 21)
  • A ribbon of your choice (can be wired or non-wired, ours was non-wired, found at a local craft store)
  • A pair of scissors


  • If your shoes already have ties on them, like ours did, simply remove them from the shoes
  • Thread ribbon through the tie holes
  • Tie bow to the desired size
  • Cut the ends
  • Note: If your shoes have an ankle strap with a buckle, you can simply cover the ankle strap with the ribbon and tie the bow at the ankle, or completely remove the ankle strap (if it is not sewed to the shoe)
  • Another option: wrap the ribbon all the way around the ankle strap vertically until fully covered, and then tie the bow, ensuring that the ribbon is secured to the ankle strap

Here is our transformation…



Although it’s such an easy and subtle change, it really allows you to personalize your pumps and showcase your style! And who wouldn’t love a pair of $25 shoes that look like 100 bucks?

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