How to Find Fashion-Forward Eyewear with LensCrafters

We stopped by LensCrafters to see if they could give us some tips for finding the perfect pair of fashion-forward frames! See what they had to say below…

By: Niki | June 15, 2017

With top clothing designers like Burberry, Prada, Coach, and more now making glasses, it’s no secret that eyeglasses have quickly gone from what used to be just a simple necessity, to a fashion-forward accessory. When it comes to clothes, we have no problem picking out our own outfits, but when it comes to glasses and eye wear, that’s a whole other story, so we stopped in to LensCrafters to see if they had any tips on how to pick the perfect fashion-forward frames (and they did not disappoint!).

Lucky for us, LensCrafters has over 1,900 frames in stock (the largest inventory for eyeglasses in the area), so we weren’t short on options! With so many to choose from, we sat down with a consultant to see just how easy it was to narrow it down to what works best for us, based on their best tips:

Opt for A Color

If you’re wanting to get in on taking your eyeglasses from simple to stylish, our consultant recommended going with a colored frame. Blues and greens are trending this season in eyewear, but if neutrals are more your thing, she suggested going with a tortoise shell pattern which can be fashion-forward and versatile.

Find A Brand You Love

You’d be surprised that a lot of your favorite brands also carry a line of eyeglasses. We were so excited to see choices by Tiffany, Burberry, Prada, RayBan, and Coach on the shelves at LensCrafters. Our consultant also recommended Giorgio Armani for guys, as they have an awesome selection that also included matte and colored frames. If you have sunglasses you love from any one of these brands, you’re bound to love their eyeglass styles.

Visit with A Consultant

We cannot stress this tip enough! Although going around the store looking and trying the endless options of eyeglasses may seem fun, it can also be extremely overwhelming. A lot of times there are certain frames that just don’t work with our face shape or colors of frames that don’t complement our skin tone – that’s where a LensCrafters consultant comes in. They are trained to help you pick the perfect frames for your face shape, lifestyle, and needs.

We were highly impressed with the resources they had to offer – from their 4 ABO certified opticians on staff, to over 70 years of optical experience among their employees – we had no doubt we were in good hands. While we were at it, we even made an appointment with their Independent Dr. of Optometry on staff, so we could get our yearly eye exam complete and pick out new frames, all in the same place!

Compare Your Options with ‘My Look’

Technology never ceases to amaze us. With LensCrafters’ ‘My Look,’ they allowed us to see ourselves in all of the options we loved, all on one screen. This made it incredibly easy to narrow it down to our favorite pair, by seeing photos side by side.

Grab A Pair of Sunny Styles

While many think of prescription eyewear as simply glasses that you wear inside, we were quickly reminded how important sunglasses are when you are a frequent wearer of eyeglasses. Prescription suns are just as important as regular eyewear, so naturally we headed for the shelf of sunnies to find the perfect pair. With our love for RayBans, we were ecstatic that LensCrafters is the premier retailer for prescription RayBan lenses! We may have walked out with a few favorite pairs that we’ll be wearing all summer long…

Hello, Blue IQ!

For those of you that don’t necessarily need glasses (but want to get on the fashionably chic bandwagon), there’s something for you too! Especially for those of us who spend many hours a day staring at a computer or phone screen, it can be harmful and damaging for our eyes (even when we seen to have perfect vision). Blue IQ are clear lenses that protect your eyes from the harmful rays of electronics, and can be implemented on endless styles of our most-loved frames at LensCrafters!

Save Time & Take the Quiz

If you want to do your research before you even enter the doors, we had a lot of fun taking LensCrafters’ online quiz that asks you specific questions about your face shape, personal style, and lifestyle to formulate a list of styles they think will work best for you! All you have to do is take your results to the store to try them on for yourself. To take the quiz, click here.

Ready to get your hands on a fashionable pair of frames? Right now, take 40% off lenses with a frame purchase and 40% off a complete 2nd pair! Kids age 12 and under also get 50% off eyeglasses all the time at LensCrafters.


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