Must-Have Travel Necessities According to Our Editors

Get tried-and-true advice on must-have travel necessities from our jet-setting editors.

By: Niki | February 21, 2018

Especially during the winter months, you can find most of our locals escaping the chill to warmer climates. Whether you’re headed to a tropical paradise, or just booked your next big adventure overseas, there are a few items that can make those travels a lot easier. With our editors having traveled to dozens of countries and nearly every state in the United States, we’ve grown accustom to finding what can put travel stresses at ease. From multi-use luggage to airplane must-haves, we’ve combined our jet-setting expertise to share a list of items we feel should be at the top of every packing list! Take a look…

“A multi-use travel tote should be on the top of every packing list. They are the perfect airplane bag, but also work well as a beach bag or purse during your vacay. I found this one at Macy’s.” – Niki 

“The most recent iphone tech update leaves me deciding whether to charge my phone or listen to music. With this adapter from Francesca’s, I don’t have to give up listening to music when I need to charge my phone.” – Kailey

“Let’s be real – the last thing I want to purchase is an over-priced bottle of water from the airport. There are actually tons of water fountains with purified water throughout many airports, so one of the first things I pack in my airplane bag is a hot & cold water bottle, like this one from JCPenney, that I can fill and use throughout my travels.” – Niki

“Long traveling days can be horrid on your hair, especially that ‘post-airplane, I woke up at 3 am to make my plane, and still grab a coffee-look’ (you know the one). My go-to product is a can of dry shampoo (this one you can buy travel-sized at Sephora)” – Kailey

“When I traveled around Europe, packing cubes became a MUST. Instead of spending time digging through your entire suitcase, by using these cubes you’ll save time and keep your items organized while travelling. I found these cubes at JCPenney.” – Kailey

“I always love traveling with some type of hand cream, and usually I pack one in my carry on with a scent I enjoy just in case I ever get stuck in a bad smelling situation. This one from Bath and  Body Works smells like eucalyptus and mint, which is perfect because eucalyptus is used for relaxation and mint can help with headaches and nausea!” – Madeline

“Yes passport holders are good in all because they protect your passport but really I just love them, especially this one from Francesca’s, because they make a fun travel accessory.” – Madeline

“After reading a study on just how germ-infested airplanes and airports are (I’ll spare you the details), hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes (don’t forget the seats and trays!), are always in my travel bag. You can find these pocket-sized sanitizers in amazing scents at Bath & Body Works!” – Niki

“With carry on bags restrictions, I’m always worried about if my liquid beauty supplies will make it through security. Perfume rollerballs, like this one from Sephora, are really convenient so that you don’t have to worry about travelling with a full-size (most often glass) fragrance bottle.” – Kailey

“After some research on remedies, I stumbled on these water sprays from Sephora that fit perfectly in my airplane bag. I can quickly and discretely give my face a few sprays mid-flight to keep my complexion hydrated. It makes a world of the difference!” – Niki

“A scarf, like this one from Francesca’s, is a travelling must – even if your wardrobe at your vacation destination doesn’t require it. Not only does it serve an as accessory for your travel day outfit, a bulkier scarf can double as a pillow or cushion, or as a blanket on the airplane.” – Niki

“When you have to walk through miles of airport terminals, sneakers are essential. The great thing is there are so many cute styles out there that they don’t even have to ruin your travel wardrobe! I found these ones at Macy’s.” – Niki

“Never underestimate how dry airplane air is. A heavy hand and body cream is essential for keeping skin hydrated while travelling. I love this one from Sephora!” – Niki

“When traveling, my suitcase never stays as organized as when I first packed it, but with a laundry bag at least all my dirty clothes are kept in one place. You can find this adorable one from Francesca’s.” –Madeline

“This RFID protection wallet from JCPenney is one of those things that you don’t ever think you will need, but wish you would’ve had if something were to go wrong. If you don’t know what it is, it protects your credit card information from scanning technology – perfect for when travelling.” – Madeline

“I love these headphones from Francesca’s, because although just earbuds, provide a lot of noise cancellation and are lightweight and comfortable to wear to escape the airplane noise.” – Niki

“Power Banks like this one from JCPenney should be on everybody’s next shopping list, and they really come in handy on travel days. This charger saves you much needed time when running through busy airports, especially when you’re on the hunt for an open wall charging outlet.” – Kailey

“This is an absolute necessity to protect you’re tooth brush, so it can easily be thrown into your travel bag. This one from Francesca’s simply covers your brush head so it takes up less room.” -Madeline

“When a quick weekend trip calls for a carry-on, I look to these adorable reusable TSA-approved clear bags from Sephora to carry all my liquids!” – Niki



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