5 Must-Have Fall Items for Guys

It’s time to start switching out those t-shirts for jackets and sandals for boots! With fall just around the corner, here are the 5 staples you’ll want to make sure you have in your closet…

By: Niki | September 8, 2016

Guys, fall fashion isn’t all about the ladies! Although a lot of men’s items can transfer from season to season, when fall rolls around, the colors get a little darker and the layers get a little heavier. Whether you have these items in your closet already or not, we could all use a refresher on what the must-have items for the new season are. If putting outfits together isn’t your thing, get some inspiration from our fall lookbook to get you started!

Here are the 5 items you should have in your closet for fall…

1. Puffy Vests

Puffy vests are often considered a staple item for guys who love their outdoor adventures, however, this season they are making  a style statement of their own. Try one out for a casual laid-back look, or to add a little warmth during those late fall/winter months.

2. Stylish Hoodies

Hoodies aren’t new to the style scene, but they are stepping up their game with added details that make them great for more than just lounging around the house. Activewear and athleisure are trends that are here to stay, so if there is any time to stock up on this style, it’s now!

3. Jogger Pants

No, we’re not talking about the pants that you wear running at the gym (although we suppose some of these could maybe serve that purpose). Jogger pants are just a fancy way of saying a silhouette of pants with a draw string waist and elastic ankles. If fashion-forward styles aren’t usually your thing, these may not be for you, but we urge you to step out of your box and try them out! What’s not to love about pants that you can wear on a night out that are just as comfortable as your sweatpants (psst. they do come in a sweatpant version!)? Sounds like a win-win to us!

4. Plaid Shirts

We know, plaid shirts aren’t anything groundbreaking – they’ve been a style staple for longer than we can remember, but they are definitely an essential in your fall wardrobe! The great thing about plaid shirts is that they can be worn for pretty much any occasion. Headed to work? Grab a plaid shirt and slacks. Going to a fall barbecue? Try layering a plaid shirt (open) over a t-shirt. Lounging around the house? Opt for a flannel with some sweatpants. Sounds like your fall wardrobe is pretty much set!

5. Casual Jackets

Excuse our vague description of a “casual jacket” but there are SO many jackets to choose from this fall, and we just want you to find one that fits your personal style! Although peacoats and top coats commonly come to mind when temps cool down, casual jackets can be added to an outfit for additional warmth and style, and perfect for when the occasion is a little more laid-back.


See how we styled all of these items in our fall lookbook, and when in doubt, subscribe to the blog to get style tips and outfit inspiration straight to your inbox!


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