5 Must-Have Shoes to Wear Right Now

Put a little spring in your step with the top trending shoes that you’ll be wearing all season long…

By: Niki | April 18, 2017

We’re all about putting our best foot forward around here, and a lot of times that means stepping into a new season in stylish footwear. With so many fun clothing options to get excited about this spring, it’s only right that we finish off an outfit with the perfect pair of heels or go-to sneakers.

This spring is all about making a statement from head to toe, so narrowing down which specific pairs of shoes to add to your wardrobe was a tricky task, so we decided to share the types of shoes that are dominating this season (and leaving finding the perfect pair that suits your style up to you!) Here’s a little info and inspiration to get you started…

1. The Block  Heel

From pointed toe pumps to strappy sandals, block heels are all the rage this spring. We love that they not only add a little statement to your soles, they make wearing heels a lot more comfortable (and stable!).

How we like to wear them: Depending on the style of shoe, we love wearing block heels with our favorite pair of skinny jeans or go-to shorts.

Where to find this pair: Macy’s

2. The Slip On

If there was one pair of casual shoes that we say you must invest in, it’s a pair of neutral slip ons! We’d be lying if we said we don’t basically live in ours. There are so many styles and colors to choose from, which means finding a pair that can take you from running errands to a night out is effortless. (Not to mention you don’t have any laces to fuss with).

How we like to wear them: Our go-to slip-on style would consist of our favorite pair of joggers and a graphic tee or a simple frayed-edge jeans and t-shirt.

Where to find this pair: Macy’s

3. The Open-Toe Mule

When you’re not quite ready to give up your booties for the spring, these shoes are the perfect in-between! They are also great for those are not huge fans of heels because they hug your feet and provide an extra sense of stability and comfort.

How we like to wear them: We love to wear open-toe mules with springtime sundresses! You may have spotted other ways we like to wear these in our spring lookbook.

Where to find this pair: Tradehome Shoes

4. The Sneaker

Sneakers… The shoe that is taking spring fashion by storm (so much so that we gave them their own blog post)! Going hand-in-hand with slip-ons, these soles of comfort are coming in so many styles and colors this season, that we found it hard to not buy multiple pairs.

How we like to wear them: Our favorite ways to wear sneakers this spring are with a pair of distressed denim or with a simple t-shirt dress.

Where to find this pair: Journey’s (exclusive to our location!)

5. The Statement Shoe

We did say this spring was about making a statement, didn’t we? We have been blown away by the fun designs, prints, and color of the shoes we’ve been seeing on our stores’ shelves. There are many different styles of statement shoes, but we’ve grown particularly fond of floral prints or embroidered soles. We just love how one pair of shoes can completely make an entire outfit!

How we like to wear them: Keep it simple. We like to start with the shoes and pull our outfit together from there. A lot of times we’ll end up in our little black (or white) dress and a pair of statement heels.

Where to find this pair: Macy’s


Which pair are you excited to wear this season?


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