Casual Spring Outfit Ideas with Valley News Live

Hear from our Style Expert about the casual outfits she styled the Valley News Live morning crew in for our annual spring fashion segment!

By: Niki | March 28, 2017

Hi, everyone – West Acres Style Expert here! After sharing my tips for putting together office outfits for the Valley News Live morning crew, I couldn’t forget about the fun casual looks we showed on air too. What I love about this year’s spring fashion trends is that they offer a lot of versatility and there is really something for everyone. Whether your personal style is more sporty, or you love the romantic look of florals and pastels, everything in between and beyond seems to be on the racks this season.

I played off of a few of these style trends when creating looks for the VNL crew for our morning fashion segment. Take a scroll through each of their outfits…

Lisa Budeau

I knew Lisa tends to either be in her workplace attire, or can go casual and sporty for running around (or after) her kiddos, so I wanted to put her in a look for those times when she sneaks in a date night or night out with her friends. The off-the-shoulder trend made a big statement last spring, and it’s making a major comeback this year as well. Lisa looked amazing in this bold top, grey washed denim, and strappy wedges.

What I hear a lot of people ask is “is the off-the-shoulder trend too young for me?” To that I say that there is no age restriction on this trend. There are SO many options available out there, that you just have to find the right style that suits you. You would be amazed by how many times people pleasantly surprise themselves once they actually try a top on. And if you’re not quite ready to go fully off the shoulder, try a cold shoulder top, where just part of the shoulder is showing – this can be a great stepping stone or a way to stay in your comfort zone while still stepping into the trend!

Outfit Details Top: Evereve | Pants: Evereve | Shoes: Evereve | Jewelry: Evereve


  • Off-the-shoulder tops
  • Bold tropical prints
  • Colored denim

Kyle Bosch

I love a good layered look for spring. Not only does it add interest to an outfit, it is great for those days when you’re not so sure what the weather is going to be like (especially where we’re from). Short sleeve button up shirts are great because they can be worn on their own or work as a layering piece when worn open. I chose to layer one over a graphic tee and added a light jacket. This look is overall comfortable and cool, while still adding in a few trends here and there for the new season.

Outfit Details Jacket: Eddie Bauer | Button Up: Eddie Bauer | Shirt: Eddie Bauer | Shorts: Eddie Bauer | Sneakers: Eddie Bauer


  • Graphic t-shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Greens and blues

Lisa Green

I wanted to put Lisa Green in a casual look that was a little outside her comfort zone. Although camo is big for spring, sometimes it can be a little dominating, so I found this pair of subtly camo pants that had an amazing amount of stretch – making them extremely comfortable! Bomber jackets are also taking the spotlight this season, so I layered a light denim one over a neutral tee to complete the look. Since I was going for a more athleisure/sporty vibe, I finished the look off with spring go-to shoe – a slip on sneaker! If baseball hats are your thing, I think this look would look great with a black leather baseball hat for the ultimate sporty-chic look.

Outfit Details Jacket: Maurice’s | Top: Maurice’s | Pants: Maurice’s | Shoes: Macy’s


  • Bomber jackets
  • Camo print
  • Slip ons and sneakers
  • Ahtleisure/sporty styles

Kristi Larson

There is nothing better than the light and airy feel of spring… But that doesn’t mean you need to bare all to achieve the feeling. By mixing a few different layers, we achieved just that vibe with bright whites and dainty pastel prints for this spring look. My favorite thing about this outfit is the mixing of prints. If you’re new to mixing prints, pairing stripes and florals this spring is a great way to start! The key is to mix and match different color palettes to ensure they are giving off the same tone and feel you’re going for.

Outfit Details Tank: Apricot Lane | Button up: Apricot Lane | Cardigan: Apricot Lane | Pants: Apricot Lane | Shoes: Journey’s


  • Florals
  • Stripes
  • Button-up shirts
  • Yellow
  • Distressed jeans

For Kristi’s next look, I went back to the sporty side, but this time putting even more of a focus on comfort. Who doesn’t love wearing their sweatpants out of the house? Lucky for us, jogger sweatpants are stealing the show when it comes to comfortable attire this season (we have no complaints). I wanted to make this look trendy and realistic for making appearances out of the walls of your home, so I paired these ultra-soft sweats with a retro graphic tee, denim jacket, and baseball hat. You won’t mind running into those you know at the grocery store in this getup!

Outfit Details Tee: Evereve | Pants: Evereve | Jacket: Evereve | Hat: Evereve | Shoes: Journey’s


  • Graphic tees (especially retro-inspired)
  • Jogger pants
  • Baseball hats
  • Sneakers

Lastly, Kristi needed a look for a night on the town, and one of my favorite (and effortless) go-to pieces for spring is a jumpsuit! Although many people fear the jumpsuit, you really would be surprised how the many different styles could work for you. We tried on a few different ones on Kristi before we found this perfect fit! Not only is a jumpsuit effortless (I mean you have your top and bottom covered in one piece), it is incredibly versatile. You could easily pair this piece with a pair of sneakers and a jacket for a casual day look, or dress it up (like we did) with heels and accessories. Not to mention, this look is so comfortable – so much so that it quickly made it’s way into Kristi’s closet after the show.

Outfit Details Jumpsuit: Gap | Necklace: Francesca’s | Bracelet: Francesca’s | Clutch: Francesca’s | Shoes: Forever 21


  • Jumpsuits
  • Dainty jewelry


Missed the show? Watch video of our segments here, here, here, and here!


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