Your Cheat Sheet for What to Wear to a Wedding

If your calendar is anything like ours, it is jam packed with wedding weekends! The only thing more intimidating than a full social schedule is deciding what to wear to the occasion, so we’ve rounded up a list of tips to help you decode the dress code…

By: Niki | May 26, 2017

With wedding season in full-swing, the leading lady – the future Mrs. – isn’t the only one worried about her wedding wardrobe! Today we are diving into the dirty details and decoding the wedding dress code for all of your upcoming nuptials.

If the invitation says… Formal

When attending a formal wedding, a safe option is a long dress or a dressier cocktail dress in solid colors. You’ll want to keep lines clean with simple silhouettes. Accessorize with simple jewelry and opt for strappy heel.

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If the invitation says… Semi-formal

Feel free to have a little fun with this one. Play with other, brighter color combos and textures that add more interest to your look. If you have a simple short dress, style it up with statement jewelry of a contrasting color! A skirt ad blouse combo is another great option for a semi-formal affair.

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Find this dress (above) at Loft.


If the invitation says… Casual

In the summertime, when outdoor weddings are common, a casual dress code tends to be the frontrunner. Although we would usually always recommend a dress or skirt for a wedding, feel free to work in a romper or jumpsuit for casual nuptials. Tip: If the ceremony or reception is taking place outside, opt for a flat or wedge shoe – less worrying about a broken or ruined heels and more about busting a move on the dance floor!

Find this dress (above) at Apricot Lane.
Find this romper (above) at White House Black Market.


What if the invitation doesn’t have a dress code listed?

Don’t fret – many don’t! Take a look at the ceremony and reception venue listed on the invite to get a feel for the kind of wedding you will be attending and go with your gut! When in doubt, grab your little black dress – a foolproof option (yes, we’re breaking the myth that you can’t wear black to a wedding!).

Don’t forget these additional tips & tricks for your next go at being a wedding guest:

  • This goes without saying, avoid wearing white to a wedding (unless requested). After all, it’s the bride’s time to shine in white.
  • When it doubt, it’s best to overdress!
  • Shy away from neons, large distracting prints, and chunky jewelry. Stick to classic styles that look chic and effortless.
  • Be aware of fit. Feel free to whip out those bodycon dresses for the bachelorette party, but a suitable hemline & fit is a wedding day must!
  • Weddings can make for a long day and the last thing you will want to worry about is being uncomfortable. Try on your desired outfit the day before, walk around in those shoes you chose, and feel out your finds – after all, comfort + confidence are the two best things you can wear to a wedding ;).


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