How to Master A Mix & Match Wardrobe for Boys

Learn how to master mix-and-match styling to create 15+ outfits for your little man, out of just 10 items!

By: Niki | August 29, 2017

The Concept

Versatility is key to stretching your budget and getting the most out of the items in your closet! Although somewhat time consuming, utilizing a mix-and-match wardrobe allows for flexibility and ease without breaking the bank. We showed you how to master the mix and match for girls, now take a look at how we styled 15+ outfits with only 10 items for boys (Psst. there are even more ways that we didn’t show – the possibilities are endless!).

The Items

  1. Brown Sneakers from Stride Rite
  2. Grey Sneakers from Stride Rite
  3. Button Up Shirt from Macy’s
  4. Puffer Vest from Gap Kids
  5. Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Gap Kids
  6. Graphic T-Shirt from Gap Kids
  7. Hoodie from Macy’s
  8. Hooded Jean Jacket form Macy’s
  9. Camo Joggers from Gap Kids
  10. Jeans from Macy’s


The Combos

1. Button-Up Shirt, Jeans, and Brown Sneakers

2. Graphic T-Shirt, Camo Joggers, and Grey Sneakers

3. Button-Up Shirt, Pufffer Vest, Jeans, and Grey Sneakers

4. Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Camo Joggers, and Grey Sneakers

5. Hooded Jean Jacket, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Camo Joggers, and Brown Sneakers

6. Hoodie, Puffer Vest, Jeans, and Grey Sneakers

7. Hooded Jean Jacket, Graphic T-Shirt, Camo Joggers, and Grey Sneakers

8. Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Puffer Vest, Jeans, and Brown Sneakers

9. Hoddie, Hooded Jean Jacket, Camo Joggers, and Grey Sneakers

10. Button-Up Shirt, Hooded Jean Jacket, Jeans, and Brown Sneakers

11. Graphic T-Shirt, Jeans, and Brown Sneakers

12. Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Jeans, and Brown Sneakers

13. Hooded Jean Jacket, Puffer Vest, Camo Joggers, and Grey Sneakers

14. Hoodie, Button-Up Shirt, Jeans, and Grey Sneakers

15. Hoodie, Graphic T-Shirt, Jeans, and Grey Sneakers

Tips to Master the Mix & Match:

  • Start by picking a color palette. If you are in need of some inspiration, a simple “color palette” search on Pinterest can do the trick.
  • Head to your favorite stores and search for items in that color palette that are both versatile and true to your kiddo’s personal style. Tip: A lot of stores (like Gap Kids) section their stores based off of color palettes, which makes picking items a breeze for you!
  • Try to achieve the Rule of 2’s! If you’re going to do a 10-item mix and match, achieving the rule of 2’s would like this: 2 t-shirts (1 long, 1 short), 2 outerwear pieces (in this case a sweatshirt and hooded jean jacket), 2 statement/trendy pieces (in this capsule, the button up shirt and puffer vest), 2 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shoes. Tip: Remember to pick items that are easily layered (t-shirts, cardigans, long sleeves, button ups, etc.).
  • By achieving the above items, you have given yourself the freedom to mix & match to your heart’s desire! The best part? You can even have the confidence to let your kiddo pick out their outfit based on these 10 items!  No matter which way they pair them they can’t go wrong, and they can have fun creative freedom about what they wear!


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