The Working Woman Capsule Wardrobe: 12 Items, 15+ Outfits

Putting together the perfect workday wardrobe has never been easier! Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe and the benefits for making this your go-to strategy for prepping your closet for a new season.

By: Niki | September 14, 2017

Figuring out what to wear every morning can be a time you simply don’t have in those busy mornings! The good news? We have a few tips to help make your wardrobe one of the most effortless parts of your life – meet the capsule wardrobe for the working woman…

The Concept

Capsule wardrobes have been around for decades, but they are just starting to take the spotlight again as the go-to for putting together a wardrobe again because of all the benefits they provide! Here are just a few:

  • Cost savings. When you think about getting the most for your money and really focusing on that cost per wear, capsule wardrobes are your ideal investment. You know you will get great wear out of these pieces, and the thing is, they don’t even have to be expensive pieces to start with! Minimalism actually goes a long way when it comes to your wallet and your closet (you’re about to see how!).
  • It’s a time saver. From the initial purchasing of items to picking out your outfits every day, capsule wardrobes give you back the time you would normally spend doing these things to put into the other tasks you have to complete for your day.
  • They mix & match. Having almost all of the items in a capsule wardrobe mix & match means you don’t have to put a lot of thought and worry into what you’re pairing together. (Keep reading to see tips on how to make this happen!).

Like we said, versatility goes a long way… in your closet and your budget! Although the initial planning for a capsule wardrobe seems somewhat time consuming and daunting, utilizing a capsule wardrobe allows for flexibility and ease without breaking the bank, and is also the perfect strategy for putting together your fall wardrobe. Take a look at how we created a capsule wardrobe out of just 12 items, and the outfit formulas for fashion-forward success!

The Items

  1. Solid Colored Blouse (Macy’s)
  2. Neutral Colored Blouse (Macy’s)
  3. Black Blazer (Macy’s)
  4. Dress (Evereve)
  5. Skirt (Loft)
  6. Necklace (Loft)
  7. Button-Up Blouse (Loft)
  8. Statement Sweater (Loft)
  9. Pants (Macy’s)
  10. Sweater Vest (Gap)
  11. Loafer Flats (Macy’s)
  12. Heels (Macy’s)


The Combos

Button-Up Blouse, Pants, and Heels

Solid Colored Blouse, Sweater Vest, Pants, and Heels

Neutral Colored Blouse, Pants, and Heels

Button-Up Blouse, Sweater Vest. Skirt, and Heels

Dress, Necklace and Heels

Blazer, Statement Sweater, Skirt, and Flat Loafers

Statement Sweater, Skirt, and Flat Loafers

Solid Colored Blouse, Pants, Necklace, and Heels

Neutral Colored Blouse, Sweater Vest, Pants, Necklace, and Flat Loafers

Dress, Sweater Vest, Necklace, and Flat Loafers

Button-Up Blouse, Skirt, and Flat Loafers

Blazer, Statement Sweater, Necklace, Pants, and Heels

Neutral Colored Blouse, Sweater Vest, Skirt, and Flat Loafers

Blazer, Solid Colored Blouse, Necklace, Pants, and Heels

Dress, Blazer, Necklace and Flat Loafers

Tips for Mastering A Capsule Wardrobe

  • Start by picking a color palette. If you are in need of some inspiration, a simple “color palette” search on Pinterest can do the trick.
  • Try to achieve a certain formula. There are many different ones out there, and it should be really based around the items you feel you need most/wear most. For example, sometimes it’s a triangle – you get 1 accessory, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 bottoms, and 4 tops. Sometimes it’s the terrific 2’s – you get 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 outerwear pieces, 2 basics, 2 accessories, and 2 shoes. It all depends on your needs (you can even create your own!) – the most important thing is that you’re sticking to a minimized capsule of 10-15 pieces that are versatile enough to create endless outfit options.
  • Search for your must-haves. Head to your favorite stores and search for items in that color palette and fit into your formula that are both versatile and true to your personal style.
  • By achieving the above items, you have given yourself the freedom to mix & match to your heart’s desire!


Get your kiddos in on the fun! Master a Mix & Match wardrobe for your little girls (click here) and boys (click here).


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